The first course is on How to Set up a Communications Strategy for a Development Project

👉 Most development projects communicate extensively with lots of facts and information, often with verve. But are their activities strategic?

👉 Do they focus on the right audience and who are the targeted people anyway?

👉What about the impact of communication? Is there any? If yes, how can it be measured?

Will you invest in yourself?

Studies show that people who further their professional development are more successful, reach their business goals faster, enjoy their work more, and earn a higher income!

Do you need to do more with your professional communication know-how?

Improving your communications know-how combining it with your development cooperation experience can mean so many good things for you and your career. Here are a few advantages:

✅  Your career takes off: Imagine your email inbox stacking up with people who WANT to hear your ideas.

Imagine what it will feel like to conceptualize communications strategies for development cooperation projects that actually have an impact in itself, as opposed to communicating the more or less impactful activities of your project.  You’ll experience “zero-resistance selling” of these approaches.

✅  You become the hero for your team or clients: Imagine more people seeking out your wisdom because you’ve been empowered with communications techniques that work.

You’ll have the wisdom you need to get better results while reducing your trial and error. Imagine getting a promotion or raising your rates because you’re delivering measurable results.

✅  You gain more confidence: Imagine the satisfaction that comes from being more recognized and accepted for doing the work you love. How good is it going to feel as people begin to acknowledge your expertise and your credibility?

Now is your time to invest in you.

Go and have a look at my first course

Increase your project’s reach, improve its engagement levels, and get more recognition.

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I hope to see you there.

Pascal Corbé, founder of Corbecoms and LearnDevCom

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