🤜 There’s way too much planning of communications activity and predetermined use of certain tools ⏤ especially before projects can come up with real strategic thought.

😧 Too bad. Strategic consideration will lay the foundation for impact, not planning.

Meaning: Tactics (ie. the tools for implementation) without a strategy (i.e. a concept) is the noise before defeat. And again: A comcept without detailed tools is the slowest way to do things – you’ll thrash around but eventually you’ll find a way to get there. A set of implementation details without a plan is doomed to failure.

✅  So you’ll need both strategy and tactics but the strategy is first-order level thinking, planning and especially concrete implementation are second-order efforts.

However, it wasn’t Sun Tzu who said: “Everybody has a plan until he gets one on the mouth?” For that listen to my short video. Hint: It’s a sports quote.