🌎 Once upon a time, there was a ruthless dictator ruling a country, and everyone across the globe wanted him gone. A superpower decided that the best course of action was to invade the country and get rid of the beast once and for all. 🚀💥

🤔 The agency in charge of the invasion was tasked with implementing the strategy by creating a plan, basically preparing the military force. However, as time went by, there was a lack of two critical things – adequate equipment and trained personnel. 🤯

👨‍✈️🙅‍♂️ The platoon leaders and sergeants were not trained military personnel, and they did not have enough ammunition to carry out their mission. Moreover, the tank commanders did not know how to use the weaponry to achieve their objectives. Even the general in charge of the invasion had a background in infrastructure development and though he had been working with the military for decades, he was more of a desk planner.

🔥🛡️ Despite the lack of preparation, the invasion went ahead. There was a lot of fighting, and a few battles were lost, but mostly, the invading army won. However, the dictator remained in power, and there was no progress towards the goal of removing him from office.

🤝 Now imagine a different scenario. A global organization decided to eradicate poverty and hunger in the world. They created a comprehensive plan including a communications component and presented it to the leaders of the world. 🌍

👨‍💼 The organization recognized the importance of hiring and training staff, and set up mechanisms to ensure that the communications strategy was executed as intended. They invested in training and capacity building, so the people responsible for implementing the communications plan had adequate skills and resources. 💪

🌟 As a result, the overall initiative was successful. Poverty and hunger rates dropped, and people across the globe had access to basic needs such as food and shelter. The success of the initiative was not surprising because the organization had paid attention to the indicators and taken the necessary steps to ensure that the communication plan was implemented correctly by hiring the right people.

👉 The two scenarios demonstrate the importance of preparation and attention to detail. The outcome of any initiative or plan is not a surprise if the necessary steps are taken to ensure success.

👀 Now you tell me if you are surprised by the level of impact communications has in real-world international development cooperation.

NB: The article was created with the support of ChatGPT. It is meant to show how useful AI can be to generate content that is informative and entertaining, drawing attention to your website. The condition is though that you really understand how to feed the tool properly, a service we can provide to you.