Strategy including headlines, structure and content are the most important aspects one needs to look out for when starting to create an article. 

In this open office hour with me as the long-term editor of the SNRD Africa website and newsletter participants had about 45mins time to ask me anything communications.

I started off with an 18mins input on drafting articles:

  • Easy steps to make your articles more attractive
  • Structure: The inverted pyramid and front-loading
  • How to feature people in your articles

Watch the edited recording

For the remainder of the hour, I answered a number of critical questions participants had with regard to their projects’ outreach work.

00:00 Intro
01:29 Input by Pascal
03:26 On Headlines
06:01 On Structure
10:46 On Content
18:26 Pascal’s Online Course
18:58 Question on value proposition
24:10 Question on targeting farmers
29:30 Question on cultural differences
34:20 Question on limited literacy
37:11 Question on “home target groups”
42:15 Question on frontloading
47:10 Question on staying informed
56:12 Takeaways

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